BANNED BY PSYCHOLOGY TODAY! I submitted it there as a blog post and they took it down after I posted it. In 12 short hours, it had garnered well over 1000 views, a bullet of popularity in PsychTodayLand. In fairness to their takedown, this was definitely not their normal fare.

Orwelexicon: Twisting the meaning of words in order to advance a political or policy agenda.

In this essay, I introduce a slew of neologisms — new words — to capture the tone and substance of much discourse, rhetoric, dysfunction, and bias in psychology, academia, and the wider society.

Lexicon for…

Another Academic Outrage Mob

The National Association of Scholars NASC (for short) is holding a conference on Fixing Science, to which I was invited as both a moderator of a panel and as a speaker. The conference is now being targeted by outrage mobs of academics, a topic I wrote about here: The Threat to Academic Freedom…From Academics. At the time, I was writing about other academics. I will now have to add this conference, and by extension, me, to that list.

Who Are the National Association of Scholars?

Wikipedia describes them as “de jure independent, de facto conservative.” This means that though there is no organizational document that declares “We…

This essay is about tennis, but not just tennis. It is dedicated to anyone whose capabilities have ever been underestimated and unjustifiably dismissed.

In the first part of this tennis saga, I told the story of having been dismissed as a weak player by the Captain of my tennis team, but then went on to win a singles tournament in which not only did he play, but so did two of his “best” players (who he gave most of the playing time to when it counted).

Now, that tournament would have been enough for me. Still, as it turns out…

A Story of Tennis Rejection, Gentle Revenge, and Vindication

This is a true story. The names of the guilty have been changed; the names of the innocent are true. It is a tennis story but not just a tennis story. It is dedicated to all those whose competence has ever been underestimated and who has been unjustifiably dismissed.

One of my favorite things about tennis is that it is a sport of relentless second chances, of slates being erased and starting over, of shots at redemption. In the summer of 2008, I had my best ever tennis experience of redemption.

Here is a list of academics targeted for harm, i.e., punishment, by other academics for expressing ideas. Harm here refers not to vague allegations of unspecified damages, but real harms, such as being fired or having their papers retracted without evidence of fraud or rampant errors. Not all outrage mobs and denunciation petitions have been successful. Nonetheless, having to cope with such threats is a potentially major cost (in stress, time, and effort) even when the effort is ultimately unsuccessful. Furthermore, there may well be enduring damage to one’s reputation. …

I just discovered ANOTHER academic petition attempting to censor a published paper for nothing but concocted empty “reasons” that amount to little more than “the work offended us.”

The petition was directed to the editor of the journal (ENeuro) and the head of the professional society that sponsors the journal (Society for Neuroscience).

Below, you will find an open copy of a slightly edited email I sent to both of them in support of publishing the article and opposing retraction on grounds other than egregious errors (vaguely alleged without substantiation) or data fabrication (not even alleged).

Dear Drs. Bernard &…

Lee Jussim

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