The Threat to Academic Freedom … From Academics

Caryatid Fallen Under Her Stone; Source: Rodin, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
  1. There is a need for women-only spaces because of past violence against women by natural born males;
  2. The need to collect robust data on sex-based participation in a variety of professional domains so that discrimination on the basis of sex can be identified and hopefully remedied; and,
  3. Because the notion that someone could “feel feminine” may reinforce conservative gender stereotypes about femininity by overlooking that what is defined as “feminine” or “masculine” has changed over time.
Sign seen in Woodstock, NY. Picture by Lee Jussim

Faculty Punished or Threatened by Non-Academics and Who Received Little or No Support from Faculty or Administrators at Their College or University, or, in some cases, were punished by the administrators.

Sign seen at the NYC March for Science, Lee Jussim



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Lee Jussim

Lee Jussim

Intellectual pirate and social psychologist