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  • Kat Rosenfield

    Kat Rosenfield

    Culture writer (pop and otherwise), novelist, podcaster, erstwhile agony aunt. Tweeting @katrosenfield.

  • Kirsty Miller

    Kirsty Miller


  • holly, a math nerd.

    holly, a math nerd.

    Just a maths geek who likes to write sometimes.

  • Oliver Traldi

    Oliver Traldi

    I’m a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame.

  • James Heathers

    James Heathers

    I write about science. We can probably be friends.

  • Julia Serano

    Julia Serano

    writes about gender, sexuality, social justice, & science. author of Whipping Girl, Excluded, 99 Erics, & her latest: SEXED UP! more at juliaserano.com

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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